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Kasem Khaolao : For a calligraphy abstracted from the sacred.
mercredi 19 septembre 2018 par Abdelali Najah

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Having worked minutely in an abstract art wich draws from the cubism and which inspires the Buddism, the artist Kasem Khaolao experiments one action painting inspired by the Asian calligraphy of which the dominant color is the black broken by the red color, as warm color expressing the violence.
A linen series who are triangular, rectangular, diametric, triptych and quadriptych… question to the human condition namely the fragility of the human being, the being and the nothingness, the harmony and the violence, the fate of the man and the chaos. So many plastic themes which draw from a philosophy of sense. In this context, Kasem Khaolao delivers us its impressions : « In my work, I use my imagination to express the relationship bound by the mind as the universe that can be the mind connected to the universe that can be found in every single unit of life on the planet. » A universal and transcendental mind, monad way of the philosopher Leibniz.
A old village at the summit of a rocky montain populated with wild vegetation, and the river puts a series of spectacular waterfalls. In the vestiges of an old temple, a walker in search of the human nature, by referring Buddha’s precepts, contemplate the very depths of the darkness in the deepest of the solitudes.


Kasem told us : « My work is created with wishes that my personal thoughts and feelings are easily acknowledged by sight and imagination. The combination of artistic aesthetics, which are either complicated or simple, as far as the subject matter is concerned, is my portrayal. For me painting is quite powerful and captures meaning that is quite close to my thoughts of mind and spirit .Consequently, it is what I can do much better than any other thing. It is a self-developed feeling. »


Under the silvery and bright beams of the full moon and which penetrate into a cloud deck, broken branches of the mixed araucarias and which announce a Thai revival of the Tradition of the forest.

biobibliocolette1 {PDF}

A desire to realize, in its body and in its spirit, the peace of mind and the wisdom of Dhamma.

Kasem Khaolaor

Born : 1971, Phayao, Thailand

Education :

Fine Arts Rajamangkala Institute Of Technology, Chiang Mai

biobibliocolette2.pdf {PDF}

Solo and Group Exhibition :

2001 : "Healing Tears of Enlightenment A cry for world peace" One world Gallery, New Jersey, USA
2002 : Spirit of Orient 1 ; Sage Gallery, New Jersey, USA
2003 : Spirit of Orient 2 ; One World Gallery, Hong Kong
2004 : Spirit of Orient 3 ; One World Gallery, New Jersey, USA
2004 : Introduction of New Works reception, Moscow, Russia
"PTT for Queen Sirikit’s patronage" Art Exhibition ; Bangkok, Thailand
2006 : "Next Stop - Nirvana" Solo Exhibition ; Ansana Gallery, Singapore
Introduction of New Works reception ; Auckland, New Zealand
2007 : "Artist Self Portrait" Art Exhibition ; Srilom Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 : Introduction of New Works reception, Cape Town, South Africa
"KRU : Dhamma and Nature" Solo Exhibition ; Galerie Dauphin, Singapore
2009 : Art Exhibition "Unity of Time" The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel ; Bangkok Thailand
"Aesthetic of Body by 500 Artists" Art Exhibition, The Srilom Galleria, Bangkok
2010 : The 24th PTT Art Exhibition at Silpakorn University, Sanamjan, Nakornphartom
"Sanchai Saiyai Silapakram" Art Exhibition on the occasion of the retirement of Assistant Professor Surasit Saokong at Chiang Mai University Art Center

Awards :

1992 : "Fourth Asia Pacific Orchid Painting Competition" Award winner ; Institute of Agricultural Technology, Chiang Mai, Thailand
1993-95 : The 7th Toshiba "Bring Good Things To Life" Art competition, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1995 : "World No Smoking Day" Poster Art Competition, Award winner ; Chiang Mai, Thailand
1998 : "Love Thai Tour Thailand" Exhibition Award winner – 50th Year of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd ; Tado Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2003 : Asian International Art Competition ; Sovereign Art foundation, Hong Kong
Asian Art Competition ; Spike Gallery, NYC, USA
2004 : Asian International Art Competition ; Sovereign Art foundation, Hong Kong
Art Exhibition ; Amata Art Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand
2009 : Chelsea International Fine Art Competition ; Agora Gallery, NYC, USA

Commissioned Works :

2002 : Queen’s Project for Textiles ; Chiang Mai, Thailand
2002 : "Healing Tears Of Enlightenment A cry for World Peace" Charitable Gift ; NYC, USA
2003 : "Meditation" Charitable Auction ; Red Cross, Hong Kong
2007 : Shangri-la Hotel and Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009 : New Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


The conditions of social and economic life are a chaotic mess. This leads to mental decline and rampant materialism.

Collection :

Private collections in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Russia, USA, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

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